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Outbound is Broken

-71% drop in SDR effectiveness55% more attempts to contact55% less conversations per day


Sales teams assume that the just find the right listAdd it to a sequencerAnd they'll book meetingsThis is not what actually happensWhat really happens

  • 80%+ of your list can't buy now

  • 30% of industry categories aren't correct. Bumble (consumer subscription app), Salesforce (business workflow platform), Google (most revenue is advertising) are all categorized as "Software Development"

  • 50%+ of your list is already under contract/doesn't have budget/isn't in enough pain to entertain alternatives

  • 50% of your list doesn't buy into your approach. Hubspot vs Salesforce, Inbound vs Outbound, Coke vs Pepsi

  • 80%+ unreachable by email

  • 30-50% of your prospects are missing emails or the emails bounce

  • 50%+ of most sales emails go to spam

  • Hint: if you have arpund a 15% open rate, this is you

  • Less that 1% of most cold emails get replies

  • 121+ cold emails received per day by average office worker

  • 90% unreachable by phone

  • 50%+ of most lists don't have direct dials

  • 60-90% of your prospects don't answer unknown phone numbers

  • The average SDR only makes 50 dials per day

  • 60-90% of your prospect list is inactive on LinkedIn

  • Only 10-30% of your prospects regularly post on LinkedIn

  • The prospects who are active on LinkedIn hate direct selling via "pitch slaps"

  • Most sales reps are capped at 100 connection requests per week

  • Too much automation risks accounts getting disabled

  • Buyers don't trust your sales team

  • Review sites make all pricing public

  • Ungated research like blogs makes prospects skeptical you have something new to offer

  • LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media thought leaders significantly sway prospects starting opinion

  • Prospects live on "Dark Social" private peer communities on Slack, Whatsapp, Facebook which are much more trusted

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi, I'm Scott Martinis
I became an SDR in 2016 and within 8 weeks I was leading an SDR team.
I was frustrated by poor lists, manual outreach, and inconsistent results.After starting my own consulting practice, I became obsessed with more and better systems to help B2B companies generate customers.My search for better systems took me far and wide, ultimately leading to some of the experts below that I work with today.My vision is to make the world of work delightful with better systems.Tech sales teams are a unique way to bring that to life because not only can I help sales people, I help the companies they work with, and their customersI love that outbound gives you complete control over who you talk with and when, and I'm passionate about bringing the precision and power of outbound systems to tech sales teams and companies

1 year of campaign results with one of our clients

Experts We Work With

Justin Michael
Author, Coach, Outbound Expert

Eric Nowoslawski
Growth @ Clay, Founder Growth Engine X

Adem Manderovic
Founder @Disruptur.co, creator of Closed Circuit Selling

Rob Turley
Founder at RevOps Hitman Consulting Co.

So how do you fix outbound?

Build a great SDR team

  • Doable, but you're either manually fixing the processes we mentioned about (expensive) or you need to implement a huge tech stack

  • 6-12 month onboarding process to get an ROI

Full Cycle AEs

  • Possible, but only the best AEs consistently self source

  • Most newer AEs are used to an SDR team feeding them deals

  • Without significant RevOps & Enablement, few AEs can hit quota with self sourcing

Paid Ads

  • Only .02% of leads convert to Closed Won

  • Why spend $50 for a lead that is effectively cold?

Outbound Agencies

  • It’s really hard for their outbound agencies to really understand your product and market

  • Typically, they're incentivized to book meetings and send emails, not generate pipeline

Our Process

1. Setup

  • We start by implementing and integrated outbound stack (Smartlead, Apollo, Clay)

  • Unlike other outbound agencies, you have access to these systems and can keep them if you want to in house your outbound

2. Strategy

  • Analyze your existing campaigns, case study, surveys, collateral

  • Bring your team through a series of outbound strategy workshops

  • Build a data-driven ICP based on hard data points

3. Execute

  • Build a dynamic list matching your ICP.

  • Identify signals showing potential fit

  • Build personalized campaigns using those signals

  • Email 3000+ prospects per month with signal personalized campaigns

  • Hand off interested leads to your sales team (typically 30+ leads per month)

4. In House (if needed)

  • If at any point, you prefer to take your system in house, let us know, and we’ll hand off the system to you and your team, and train them to use it.

  • If you aren’t happy, you can cancel at any time.